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  A message from the County Records Officer  
I took on the job of County Records Officer back at the AGM in March and it has taken until now to update and produce a new set of Records. Apologies that this has taken so long, it has not been as straightforward as it might seem. The Target and Clout Records and the newly formatted Record Claim Form are all finished but not, I have to admit, the Field Records as yet. These will follow as soon as I can get the details right.  
  Why have the Records been reformatted?  

The old format showed the Records under separate pages for each gender and bowstyle, senior and junior. The new format shows the Records under the separate round names. This new format is based on the GNAS layout and it should prove easier to see who is eligible for each of the Records. The old format didn’t always make it clear whether an archer could actually claim a particular record or not. This new format should show this more clearly as some rounds omit space for Gents (i.e. the Ladies FITA) or only show space for certain juniors relevant to their ages (i.e the Bristol and Metric rounds).

  Tips on Claiming County Records  

It was said at a recent County meeting that archers are not clear what scores they can submit for Records. To this end I am going to try to bring the system we use as close to the GNAS’s National Record system as possible and there are one or two things you should be aware of.

  • Unlike National Records, our County Record claims are not restricted to scores shot at Record Status Tournaments. However, scores will only be eligible if they are shot at an officially recognised tournament where more than one club is present and GNAS/Archery GB tournament Rules are observed.

  • Rounds eligible for County Records are based on those eligible for British National Records. Claimants should consult the current Records on the Cheshire Archery Association website for a complete list of rounds that can be considered for County Records.

  • The same rules as laid down for National Records will apply to County Records in respect of nested rounds and single rounds shot as part of double rounds. (See GNAS Rules of Shooting.) Particular examples are as follows:

  i.  Where double rounds are shot i.e. the Double Portsmouth, the double round itself may be claimed but, only the first round shot can be claimed as a record for the single Portsmouth.  
  ii. Where the Ladies and Gents FITA’s are shot on one day the Long Metric and the Short Metric rounds cannot be claimed as records.  To claim a record for a Long Metric or a Short Metric these rounds must be shot as rounds in their own right.  
  • When claiming records please put the complete round name.
  i.  For Clout rounds this should include the distance shot.  
  ii. For Field rounds this should include the peg colour.  
  • Under 18’s must shoot the round appropriate to their gender and age.
  • Over 18’s may not claim Junior round records.
  • Unless an official result sheet can be provided, claims must be verified by the archer’s club records officer.
  • Please use separate forms for each Record claimed.
  Problems with some Records.  
  • As mentioned, the task of checking all the Records has not been that simple. Some errors have been found and I have endeavoured to put these right. For example, on the Clout Records, one Ladies Record had been incorrectly listed as a Longbow score when it should have been a Recurve score. These two scores are highlighted in pink on the relevant file. The original Longbow score has beenreinstated and the Recurve score now appears in the correct place.
  • I feel that errors might have been made in the recording of some Long Metric and Short Metric claims that have already been accepted as Records. Some of these date back several years and it may now be difficult to check on the actual details or to correct these. With regard to these particular rounds, I have not amended them but you should be aware that from now on no new records will be accepted for these rounds if they are shot as part of a FITA shot in a single day. (See the note above regarding nested rounds.) If anyone can categorically prove that the records already published are incorrect these will be looked into.
  • You may notice that some of the Records that have been previously published have now disappeared. Most of these are junior Metric distance records which seem to have been kept in a completely different way to the current National Records on which I am now basing the new format. The problem also arises that FITA changed the age groups for the juniors some time ago and it is difficult to tell exactly what face sizes were shot in some cases. I have done my best to identify the correct rounds in these cases but the result is that some records have now been ‘archived’.
  Good shooting and good luck  
  Mike Shepherd  
  Cheshire Archery Association  
  Records Officer