Junior Archery in Cheshire:   updated: 24-Aug-2016
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Junior Squads 2016/2017


May 2014


At CCB Indoor Venues


August 2014


29th October 2016 - Saturday Afternoon 1pm to 5pm


November 2014


17th December 2016 - Saturday Morning 9am to 1pm


14th January 2017 - Saturday Morning 9am to 1pm




Outdoors at North Cheshire Bowmen's Ground Knutsford


25th March 2017 - Saturday Morning  9am to 12.30pm



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January/February Results


January/February Results


March (final) Results 


March (final) Results 

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Contact Details for the Cheshire Junior Representative

Pete Galbraith

e-mail: pete26@talktalk.net

Tel: 0161 456 3072